Commercial Gym Services

For Gyms & Rowing Clubs

New Rower Exchange

Don’t want or need the hassle of installing and disposing of your old rowers? This service is for you.

For £460 (Model D) or £570 (Model E) per rower, you will receive a brand new rower, Concept R Us will then deliver the rower personally and install the new rower for you.

Concept R Us will also commission your new rower. In return for this service Concept R Us will dispose of your old rower.

Please be aware that for the amount of rowers purchased Concept R Us will need to take that amount of rowers away, for example if you purchase 2 rowers then we will need to dispose of 2 rowers and so on. For each rower exchanged the old unit must be a complete unit.

For more information please contact us.

Service Exchange

An exchange service is a great way of getting a fully refurbished rower at a reduced price. This works by exchanging your tired rower for one that has been fully refurbished to a very high standard. No downtime and Concept R Us will deliver and install the service exchange unit.


This is an excellent service for those wanting to save money but to also have the benefit of having a Concept 2 that looks and works like new. You can have your own Concept’s refurbished or you can exchange for one that has already been completed and in stock.

With all refurbishing we completely strip the Concept down, sand blast and powder coat all the main components then rebuild with new genuine Concept 2 parts. We are able to offer the colour of your choice but be aware this service will take approximately a week to complete.

Annual Servicing

We offer attractive annual service and maintenance contracts to commercial gym’s and rowing clubs. Cost effective and highly recommended.


At Concept R Us we offer a repair, exchange or upgrade service on all monitors. We try to repair every monitor that is sent to us but if this isn’t possible (due to the age of some monitors) we will offer you an exchange for either a new or refurbished monitor of your choice.

For the exchange service this works by sending in your old unit whether working or showing an error code, we will then replace your unit with a new, used or refurbished monitor of your choice.

Or you can simply upgrade to any monitor of your choice and if you are unsure which device is more suitable for your needs then we are happy to offer a free consultation.

Prices vary for every service we provide and we are happy to give a no obligation quote so please feel free to get in touch.


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