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  1. Keith

    I heartily confirm the sentiments stated above, that ConceptRus are an excellent company. The part I ordered arrived exactly as predicted. If only more company’s were as reliable. Excellent stuff!

  2. Julie Abson

    I cannot thank Roy enough for his friendly, honest advice, invaluable to a complete novice! From enquiry to purchase, Roy and Amanda made the whole process hassle free. Definitely RECOMMENDED 👍

  3. Anne Strickland

    First class service 🙂
    Like many on here, I too have to say that the level of service was absolutely brilliant. The whole process from ordering (Concept D rower), payment and delivery was made so simple and easy. Delivered on time, with tracking facility available. Amanda was brilliant and communicated all the way through the process.
    I cannot recommend them enough 🙂


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